13 November 2010

heyyo syeraa ;)

*heyyo , malam nih aku dpt tag dari syeraa ;) 
*go to her blog ,her blog is awesome;)
*solan-solan nye agak pelek la jugak , haha , rules dea pun samee , haha

1) If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say?
*Never say never- Justin Bieber
2) How would you describe yourself?
*kebahagiaan dlm perpisahan- shahir
3) What do you like in a guy / girl?
*kalau berpacaran-ana raffali
4) How do you feel today?
* fire burning-sean kingston
5)What is your life’s purpose?
* Secret- One Republic
6) What's is your motto?
*senyum-maliuqe feat najwa 
7) What do your friends think of you?
* pudar-rossa
8) What do you think of your parents?
*dari jauh ku pohon maaf-sudirman
9) What do you think about very often?
* summertine-cody simpson
10) What is 2 + 2?
* love me-justin bieber
11) What do you think of your best friend(s)?
 *kiss me thru the phone-soulja boy
12)  What do you think of the person you like?
*Somebody To Love- Justin Bieber feat. Usher
13) What is your life story?
*Pergi- Aizat 
14) What do you want to be when you grow up?
*when i grow up-pussycat dolls
15) What do you think of when you see the person you like?
* di saat ku mencintaimu-dadali
16) What will you dance to at your wedding?
*Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars 
17) What will they play at your funeral?
*one-cody simpson
18) What is your biggest fear?
*baby-justin bieber
19) What is your biggest secret?
*whats my name ?- rihanna
20) What will you post this as?
*somebody to love- Justin Bieber

p:s/ aku ta berape na paham denga menda alah nihh , hehe .
akan di ttag kepada suma jelah , haha , jngan segan2 hambekk laa ;)

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